They Love Mosaics

   Mosaic as Art Therapy:  (Aluminum Foil & found material in Industry City, the frame was handcrafted from Italy, restored in East Brooklyn)

Creating a mosaic was a request from a facility director lead and facilitated by Lisa Washington. The original composition took a small team of students/consumers at various levels of abilities and one Summer Intern to work on this group project in Sunset Park.   It took wonderful teamwork with all those who participated with drawing the patterns, cutting and gluing the original poster-size composition with aluminum foil. The group helped each other after completing their own tasks, especially “Snap Finger,” who helped “College Bound,” and “Scarlet.”

The image below is a photograph taken of the original mosaic by Lisa Washington

A Group Project by Students: Scarlet, Snap Finger, College Bound and Mr. No (the real names have been changed to protect us all) This project began on the  same day Scarlet expressed that she really appreciate the Art Teacher, Lisa Washington.  Boy, did they have fun!!!!




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