The Meaning of Life 2.0

My Time of Jubilation

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Life 2.0 Meaning:

Life 2.0 is a noun and a positive expression with positive attributes infused with the spiritual power of things to come. Life 2.0 replaces the word (retire or retirement that was commonly used in the work-place and associated with the ending of one’s work-life experiences that carried with it many negative attachments)

Life 2.0 Backstory Terminology:

The term was created for all of humanity and frequently used in the North Carolina region of the United States by a group of diverse women in leadership approaching or transitioning from the end of their first work-life experiences, while preparing or entering the next higher level in support of the good Life in higher consciousness while looking younger, living longer and leading healthier happier fun-filled lives.

Life 2.0 Examples:

“Congratulations in your time of jubilation” or “My time of jubilation” –

Please feel free to help spread Life 2.0 with a living well-spring of hashtags: #LIFE2.0#MYTIMEOFJUBILATION


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