Lisa Washington is a fresh new emerging breakout career artist.  She has been taking pictures for nearly 15 years, mostly appearing in Star Journal News annual print publication.  Currently she enjoys giving a voice to nature through her still-life photography of landscapes and flowers that reflect a sense of peace as a way of combating violence.

Abstract painting was a naturally-smooth progression, that she now knows she inherited from her creative mother.

She is a member of the Fulton Street Art Fair made up of professional artists throughout the city. She has made massive strides in such a short time and has used her own artistry to help heal others through their process. She will share in the act of making art, but her supreme spiritual gifts which others want to label “art therapy” is a “God” thing.

Ms. Lisa has worked as an Fine Art Teacher Consultant with people at all levels of abilities, helping them to express themselves through the world of creating art, with various forms of media and maintains documented developmental progress. She loves sharing and lending her strong knowledge base, but her natural gifts are shared with only chosen souls.

Lisa is first to admit, during her art sessions, she is more focused on the importance of holding space for those “chosen” to participate in her art sessions, rather than her catering to those who present themselves as distractions in the grand scheme of things.

She simply has a pure and natural way of engaging people. (period)

“The Truth is Light, and the Truth Shall Make You Free.”


Customer Testimonial:  Raquiyah, New York, NY