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FACTS: “According to Google, original photography images BY Artist Lisa Washington aka mslisalive have been seen by more than 25 million viewers,” Art-appreciation is soaring, as art sales scale and increase where art in and of itself operates on the soul-level then streamed to the world canvas and speaks to the soul of mankind.


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SOLD: We Wear Masks

The back story.  These two pieces were created by Visual Artist Lisa Washington at the Polo Grounds Senior Center in Harlem USA, in the creativity/ multi-purpose room, before covid19. The art session was focused on African inspired themes, using recycled materials, canvas, card board and neutral colored twine and acrylic paints to complete the artContinue reading “SOLD: We Wear Masks”

5 Tips to Raising Standards and Reduce Stress Using the One-Method

“The One-Method” by Lisa Washington Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who work remotely on multi levels, or even mixed markets have all felt the pinch of crisis-mode one way or another, for one reason or another. The “new normal” way of doing things is exhausting after attending a few virtual meeting events, especially when a facilitatorContinue reading “5 Tips to Raising Standards and Reduce Stress Using the One-Method”

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