SOLD: We Wear Masks

“We Wear Masks”

The back story.  These two pieces were created by Visual Artist Lisa Washington at the Polo Grounds Senior Center in Harlem USA, in the creativity/ multi-purpose room, before covid19.

The art session was focused on African inspired themes, using recycled materials, canvas, card board and neutral colored twine and acrylic paints to complete the art assignment.  The paint colors were especially custom mixed for Lisa Washington by a member of the center who studied mixology, color theory and fine arts. The masks now have a home, hung in a lovely decorated private house in the upwardly mobile Ocean Hill Brownsville, a section of Brooklyn, New York.

5 Tips to Raising Standards and Reduce Stress Using the One-Method

“The One-Method” by Lisa Washington

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who work remotely on multi levels, or even mixed markets have all felt the pinch of crisis-mode one way or another, for one reason or another. The “new normal” way of doing things is exhausting after attending a few virtual meeting events, especially when a facilitator is all over the place during a live virtual meeting. Here are five tips to raise standards and reduce stress.

Take it from me, some of those virtual interactive experiences feel ugly, and no one seems to be talking about it. So I decided to make a list of five things to help us factor in how to operate better, be more joyful and productive during multi-level-marketing interactive training sessions.

I remember working for a corporation and most Administrative Assistants knew better than to schedule a remote meeting between USA Senior Executives and UK Executives before a certain time. In this scenario, virtual meetings or conference calls worked best for both sides. Sure, scheduling may have very limited windows of opportunities, but the agenda must compensate for the small time frame to communicate your points with excellence and expertise to your team. Usually overseas times zones may have a one or two hour window that works best for most. Use those time slots wisely and create a schedule template for future reference.

Often a virtual meeting may address team updates, recruiting, training/development or interviews and even some other topics. Just find out exactly what it is that work best within the scheduling time slot(s). Treat your virtual meetings as if you are a member of an organization and not just some online multi-level-marketing junkie.

The team lead must be or develop good habits of getting in and getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It is suggested that everyone find that happy medium before moving forward and going live. I have found in the very moment of a brilliant idea or spark of inspiration, the best thing is to jot it down first, before jumping on any live virtual meeting or call. Sure, you are excited about sharing with your team. But, allow the meeting to be experienced with a well focused topic, delivered with excellence. It makes a huge difference.

Each topic should be represented in one virtual meeting, unless of course it’s a virtual conference/expo or some other type of virtual networking or social meeting event.

Thank you for sharing, but when it comes to straight up business, no one needs to sit through stories of your family or your former job. Save that therapy for when after the meeting has adjourned. And make sure everyone knows that the meeting ended, before engaging in an after-show.

You are probably truly gifted at delivering many topics. Okay, I get it. Then even you as the leader/admin should allow time for your own recess before starting your next topic, which will be your next meeting. Remember: One Topic One Meeting, The One-Method.

Come on, think about it: If you were really as focused as you think you are, you would only verbalize the business at hand. A well focused brain, keeps the priorities of current business in the forefront. However, on the flip side, group participants need to mute microphones upon entry especially when keynotes are up. Just imagine for yourself how being considerate, punctual and five little simple habits help to raise standards and reduce stress on all levels using The One-Method:


One Topic
One Meeting
One Experience

  1. POM

1st Draft: Prepare Your Topic
2nd Draft: Organize, Then Reorganize
Final Draft: Make It Air Tight


Identify and Measure Different Time Zones
(if you haven’t already done so)
Check the world clocks and sync as best you can
Reoccurring Meetings should be put on the application’s calendar in the desired Time Zone


Practice Your Delivery as often as you can, within Five Minutes or Less


Do your thing: (Greeting/intro-whatever)
Be authentic, Be you!
Deliver the Topic in five minutes or less
Facilitate Group Training Sessions in 10-15 minutes

Ten minutes is a very long time. During group training sessions, allow only 10-15 minutes during this portion of the virtual meeting.

Until next time, Be Aware, Be Productive and Be Blessed.

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