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Lisa Washington

Art Gallery, 450 Lexington Ave, Unit #2972, NY NY 10163

(646) 969-1996

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LISA WASHINGTON Art Gallery maintains an extensive catalog of nature photography, original abstract acrylic paintings and handmade 100% flamed glass beads for one-of-a-kind custom made jewelry designs. Art is no longer a luxury, it is becoming more the new normal and quite necessary practicing and appreciating quality art in these most uncertain times in our history.

Each item is available to fit your custom specifications in size and medium. All standard prints on canvas wrap orders scale from 18 x 24 inches in size beginning at $600 basic cost.

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Lisa Washington Art Gallery
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About Artist


Mediums:   Original Abstract Paintings, Acrylic, Watercolor, Nature Photography, Canvas, Paper, Boards, Fire/Glass, Glass Beads, Jewelry Making, Sewing by Hand

Highly motivated with a constant stream of creative channels; works independently and extremely well within community art groups. Lisa looks forward to obtaining additional commission advancement, art exhibits and selling various art forms with the world.

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450 Lexington Avenue, Unit 2972

New York, NY 10163

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